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Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Interview with the creators of Dead On Earth

(Interview Originally Posted on my horror review blog, Dollar Bin Horror)

I recently started working on a story for a great project called Dead On Earth. It's a mass collection of authors and artists who are coming together to create an epic series of stories and I wanted to share more information about it. I sat down with the creators of the project, Ryan Philip Harrison Clarke and Cal Miller, to give you a more in depth look into this grand scale project in the making.

Q: What exactly is Dead On Earth?

A: Clarke- Dead on Earth is an Alien and Zombie apocalypse story written by the viewpoints of 15 characters created by 15 different writers.

A: Cal- It’s the Ultimate Anthology! Instead of 15 stories in a book, it’s 15 books in a story. Really cool concept I think.

Q: How did it get started?

A: Clarke- It all started when I began harassing Cal Miller after he chose all of the Undead Nation Anthology winners. I had this idea of some sort of zombie apocalypse written through the viewpoints of multiple characters (the original number 6) Cal was partial to the idea so I developed it some more. At the same time I had the idea for the alien zombie apocalypse idea floating around for a separate book I wanted to work on and had already created the character Joseph Milton. So I ended up putting two and two together and pitched the whole crazy alien and zombie idea to Cal. Cal became an instant fan and then I created the storyboard for the book. The next part, a lot easier than I thought, was getting all of the writers together… We got our magic 15 in about a week.

A: Cal- Ha, I wouldn’t call it harassing. I read the first email and saw aliens and zombies in the same project and thought it was an AWESOME idea. And yeah, I might have hated Clarke a little for thinking of it instead of me but I’m over it… Really, I am… LOL. Seriously when I saw the map of the U. S. Clarke did of all the characters and where they were located I was hooked. 15 different takes on the “human element” as it relates to the same apocalyptic event like this is gonna be interesting and exciting.

Q: Who's all involved?

A: Clarke- Right now we have me (Head Creator), Cal Miller (My inspirational guidance), William Lester (Expert Editor), our writing team of 15 members, and a few artists for our graphic novel.

Here is the entire Dead on Earth team

Ryan Clarke (Creator/Writer/Awesome)
Cal Miller (Creator/Writer/Inspirational Guidance ;)
William Lester (Creator/Editor/Spiritual Visionary)

Rhonny Reaper (Writer)
Angelica Hill (Writer)
David Ahlgren (Writer)
Eric Polk (Writer)
Kevin White (Writer)
Lyle Perez-Tinics (Writer)
Stuart Connover (Writer/Web Design)
Kristi Bailey (Writer)
Joseph Cedeno (Writer)
David Naughton-Shires (Writer/Comic Publisher/Artist)
Roger Wood (Writer)
Etienne Deforest (Writer)
Russel Penning (Writer/Future Screen Writer)
Cara Livermore (Artist)

A: Cal- We have a real diverse group of folks involved and that is gonna be one of the biggest strengths of this project.

Q: Where do you see it going?

A: Clarke- Ha! We are going big! Our first release will be our graphic novel of the series, then our books, shortly after there will be a screenplay in the works. We already have the likes of Mr. David Moody prepared to cut us some reviews on our Graphic Novel, among other secrets.

A: Cal- Dead on Earth: Aftermath… Every great idea needs a sequel! Yeah I went there, LOL…

Q: Where can we learn more about it?

A: Clarke- Well we have our Facebook and our Forums site. I guess the best way would be to email us at We don’t reveal much on our sites that anyone with a working mind could really comprehend all at once. The writers are the ones who really understand what it all means. As things progress I suppose we could make it a little more user friendly.

A: Cal- We are keeping it a bit mysterious, revealing a little at a time. That keeps it interesting and fresh in the long run.
Thanks for the interview Rhonny! Love you and your sites!

A: Clarke- Clarke loves you and your sites more!!

Cal and Ryan are amazing guys and I am honored to be a part of this amazing project. Check it out and stay tuned, it's going to be awesome!

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